Whether you want a spray tanning service or a private tanning room, we can help you with all your tanning needs. Fathoms Deep offers fully equipped private tanning rooms in their salon. Now you can get a tan whilst the sun's not shining.

full body spray tan                             £10.00

legs                                                         £5.00

chest up (including arms)                £7.00


*half price full body tan on your 5th visit*

(only in conjunction with a full body tan)

Choose Fathoms Deep for all your tanning needs.

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01929 575 006

Fathom's Deep logo tanning machine

Sun bed price list

Time                                                   Price


3 minutes                                            £3.00

6 minutes                                            £5.50

9 minutes                                            £8.50


* Free Session On Your 6th Visit!*

Spray tanning

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